Guns'n'roses / November Rain


Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова из списка, изменяя при необходимости их форму: (restrain; candle; blame; remain; harm; heal; charm; fear; subside; shadow ).

1. Time .
2. We decided to hide from the heat and to sit down under the of an old oak.
3. Mother was advised to indoors for a week.
4. is an intolerable feeling in the war.
5. The family with the new house when they first saw it.
6. Everybody her for the accident although in fact it wasn't her fault.
7. The man lost his temper and the neighbours had to him from the violence.
8. The wind had already by the time we woke up.
9. It is already dark in the room. Please, light several .
10. For many years of his working as a doctor he hasn't done any to anyone.

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