David Usher / Black Black Heart


I. Вставьте подходящие по смыслу слова из списка, изменяя при необходимости их форму.
1. The policy of any business is to the customers.
2. The wound healed but left an scar on his face.
3. The branch of the tree under the snow, but it didn't break.
4. Juan Carlos said that he loved Maria Teresa madly, that his heart was , and that he wanted to marry her.
5. The crowd around the museum was the proof of the interest in the artist.
6. When they got back to the shore, they found out that the had swept the boat out to the sea.
7. She hasn't read the contract, so she doesn't know she'll have to model .
8. The activists their flags and marched down the street.
9. The roof fell in, the wood got wet and finally started to .
10. Richard fell to his knees when his father started pronouncing his .

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