David Usher / Black Black Heart


II. Замените выделенное курсивом слово или словосочетание подходящим по смыслу синонимом из текста песни, изменяя при необходимости его форму.
1. Lieutenant Jones spread out the banner, and the soldiers' hearts filled with pride.
2. One duckling was extremely unattractive , and who could guess it would turn into a beautiful swan?
3. The knight knew that his quest wasn't going to be easy, and before leaving his castle he asked the priest for his approval.
4. The flow drove him upon shore.
5. When the old tree fell down, we found out that its roots had decayed completely.
6. Whatever the employees did, their boss never looked pleased .
7. They were young and inexperienced, and they thought their love was never-ending .
8. It was late autumn and the branches of the trees were already bare .
9. When the firefighters arrived, the whole house was burning .
10. The pipe that the investigators found on the scene had been deformed in the accident.

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