Sting / Shape Of My Heart


A. Употребите глаголы в скобках в условном наклонении:

1. If he wanted to win the race he it. (to do)
2. If I were in your place I a blue dress for the wedding party. (to chose)
3. If young people smoked less the nation much healthier. (to be)
4. If I were a millionaire I in Las Vegas. (to live)
5. If the Earth were closer to the Sun we all . (to die)
6. If we could live several lives we not to repeat our mistakes. (to try)

B. Найдите предложение, которое не содержит ошибок:

1. If people were birds they fly in the sky.
2. If you tell her that you love her she wouldn't believe it.
3. My father would punish him if he catch him smoking.
4. If we knew our future it would not be interesting to live.

Не содержит ошибок предложение номер:

Показывать правильные ответы на неверно отвеченые
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